For the last few years I have been preaching about the plight of journalism, banging the drum to sound the alarm for anyone who would listen.

I have repeatedly pleaded for all of us to support our local newspapers. I have brought attention to mass layoffs, restructurings and sales in…

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Memory is a strange thing. Never blessed with a photographic memory, as I have gotten older, I realize what I do remember are bits and pieces of things that when put together paint a picture of a day.

Even those that change the world. Even one as monumental as 9/11.

Left to right: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper prepare to speak in Kabul, Afghanistan, Feb. 29, 2020, regarding a joint declaration that could result in all foreign troops leaving Afghanistan within 14 months. NATO photo.

A country is rapidly falling apart and helicopters are evacuating the last Americans from the embassy.

We’ve been here before. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of history has seen that image, but this isn’t black and white, and this isn’t Vietnam. This is the reboot.

As of this writing, reports…

For a few fleeting moments prior to Major League Baseball’s all star break, it all started to come together for my Phightin’ Phils.

The lineup was finally healthy and the bats were making contact. The suspect bullpen found some footing as young Ranger Suarez was finding success after being plugged…

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Do I have your attention?

Once upon a time, when people browsed through a newspaper page by page, headlines were designed to catch the eye. To convey a taste of what the article was about and draw you in and read the full story.

In today’s world of feeds and…

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Conan O’Brien bid farewell to late-night television this week (at least for the moment) and in many ways, it feels like the end of an era.

He debuted late in the world Johnny built — 1993 — as the replacement for David Letterman. The “Late Night” host, long considered Carson’s…

Like many with an interest in sports, I was captivated by a pair of feats that bracketed the week: Phil Mickelson’s PGA Championship victory last weekend and the win by Hélio Castroneves in Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.

Mickelson had last won a major in 2013 and at 50 was starting to…

A lot of words ran through my head Wednesday as hooligans breached the Capitol: Sedition and insurrection among them. A few I won’t repeat. I’ve become quite fond of “putsch,” it has a certain fitting Germanic flair.

But I’ve held off putting into words my reaction to the events of…

As I get older, a lot of memories start to become “generic.” By that, I mean that I remember attending assemblies in elementary school, but not necessarily specific ones. But one I do remember sparked a life-long love affair with minor league baseball.

We had just watched a Phillies “season…

​I spotted an article the other day where someone lamented the quickest way to shut down a discussion on the pandemic was to refer to “the new normal.”

How true, though I would argue “out of an abundance of caution” is a close second.

Any way you slice it, we…

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